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Did you know that the Embedded System Market is projected to value at USD 214.39 billion by 2020?

The facts speak for themselves. Nowadays more and more chips and microprocessors are manufactured to be a part of an embedded systemTherefore it is of the utmost importance to be up-to-date in this field.

In this infographic, you'll learn:

  • What is the exact definition of embedded systems?
  • Which are the main numbers in the embedded industry?
  • What are the applications fields?

Embedded Infographic


SECO, over its 30 years of experience has shown the ability to adapt its know-how to new, challenging customers’ needs, and to provide cutting-edge solutions to its partners. They have set the entire production cycle in Italy.

  • Qseven
  • COM Express
  • SBC
  • Carrier Board

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VIA Technologies, Inc provides a highly-integrated embedded platform and system solutions for M2M, IoT, and Smart City applications, ranging from video walls and digital signage to healthcare and industrial automation.

  • Industrial PCs
  • Panel PC
  • Ruggedized Tablet PC
  • Small form factor PC
  • Signage Players

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Artesyn Embedded Technologies is a manufacturer of highly reliable power conversion and embedded computing solutions for a wide range of industries including healthcare, computing, and industrial automation.

  • Video Transcoding & Broadcast
  • DPI and Security
  • Telecom & Networking
  • Rail Transportation
  • Automation and Industrial

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Embedded Solutions

Nowadays, content service providers are offering streaming broadcast directly to consumers, while multiscreen video consumption and social sharing are increasing the video bandwidth consumed by the network. Video on demand is straining content delivery networks, so you have to prepare for those challenges.

We offer a variety of solutions for your individual designs like modules, boards, industrial PCs or even complete rack systems.
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Key Trends

  • Higher resolutions, such as UHD 4K, 8K and new codecs (e.g. HEVC) are driving technology change

  • Operators have a preference for hosted cloud-based solutions that run on standard servers

  • OTT content and customer quality of experience are important to service providers

  • Reducing CapEx and OpEx are important to service providers


Digital Broadcast Video Streaming

Discusses the technical challenges facing video over IP business models and the associated issue of intellectual property protection, presents possible solutions, and offers a route to success in this dynamic and fast-changing market.

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Virtual Video Transcoding in the Cloud

This paper presents the market drivers behind the need for an accelerated video cloud and discusses the implications of technologies  in the context of a move towards SDN/NFV network architectures. 

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Using Off-the-Shelf Technology

Outlines the changes driving the need for a complete change to the cost model that enables broadcast equipment vendors to make better use of their available resources by innovating in software-based solutions.

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