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EMSCAN provides leading edge lab bench solutions for magnetic very-near-field measurement, for both Printed Circuit Board Engineers and Antenna Engineers.

EMSCAN solutions not only require low CAPEX and zero OPEX, they also deliver significant ROI advantages for our clients. Clients typically source value from

  • Immediate reduction in outsourced/allocated anechoic chamber costs
  • Higher revenues from substantially shortened time-to-market
  • Increased designer productivity; lower costs and elevated innovation

EMSCAN has helped transform the design process for leading manufacturers of cellular, WiFi, RFID, military, consumer electronics, automotive, semi conductor and medical devices.

EMxpert is a real-time EMC and EMI testing tool enabling designers to rapidly diagnose and solve electromagnetic compatibility, electromagnetic interference, and electromagnetic problems in a single design cycle from the convenience of their own lab environment without the need for an anechoic chamber.

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RFxpert is the only real-time, compact bench-top antenna measurement equipment that enables designers to get antenna pattern measurement in under a second, and without an anechoic chamber. Avoid setup and other delays associated with far-field measurements in an anechoic chamber.

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Designers now evaluate designs in real time vs. waiting at the back of the queue with $100M+ projects in front.
(EMSCAN Customer - Custom Antenna Designer)
Fast setup, fast measurement, excellent visual output. Great for first check of prototype, finding frequencies and emission sources.
(EMSCAN Customer - Automotive Industry)
EMSCAN is an innovative company, that offers better alternatives than existing solutions for pre-compliance antenna and EM testing. The company's rapidly growing customer base is a testament to that.
(Frost & Sullivan)
...attempted to build prototypes based upon simulation results, but could never get anything to work. Using RFxpert, within 3 to 4 days using cut and paste approaches in the lab we were able to build 3 prototype designs - one of which eventually went to production.
(EMSCAN Customer - Wireless Device Manufacturer)
How to characterize a GPS antenna in seconds on your lab bench without the need for an anechoic chamber