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State of the art automated test systems require high throughput and measurement accuracy. Achieve up to 100 times faster test speed with Keysight APS products. Industry leading command processing rate, up/down programming speed and transient response time reduce test time drastically. Adjustable measurement rates allow to balance test speed and measurement accuracy. A Keysight APS solution simply adds power flexibility to your test system.

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Research and educational tasks require power supplies with versatile control capabilities. Keysight E36100A series power supplies provide the possibility of manual operation and remote control. With the intuitive on-screen menu, manual tasks are performed quickly. Standard USB and LAN connectivity enable remote control for semi-automated and automated testing. Source your demanding tasks with a power supply that fits.

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It's not always the car that matters. Sometimes it's simply the right equipment (or the lack of it) that makes the difference between a successful test day and wasted time. Thus, we are very excited about our new power source, complete with its own rack! Therefore, a special thank you goes to Computer Controls AG for this special packet! This will make recharging the cars a lot more efficient!

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Now your teaching lab equipment comes with an even more affordable price tag!

At Keysight Technologies, your one-stop shop for all Education needs, you can now enjoy new attractive education discounts, catered specially for universities and learning institutions

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DC Power Analyzer

The N6705B saves time

The N6705B DC Power Analyzer provides unrivaled productivity gains for sourcing and measuring DC voltage and current into the DUT by integrating up to 4 advanced power supplies with DMM, Scope, Arb, and Data Logger features. It eliminates the need to gather multiple pieces of equipment.

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Power Analyzer

Hioki PW6001

The new Power-Analyzer PW6001 from HIOKI scores with a power-measurement accuracy of 0.02 %, is extremely stable, very broadband and highly accurate. The ‘new one’ is particularly recommended for the characterization of high-precision inverters, where the efficiency is precisely specified to <1 %.

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Hioki PW6001 Power Analyzer

0.02% Accuracy Power Analysis to Test Inverter Efficienc